Amish Power Tools

Thoughts Of An Older Girl:

I know this is kind of random, but I found it interesting. Is it me, or do we all find the Amish a bit fascinating? If you live in Ohio, the Amish quietly move about around us. At times, I envy their slower way of life. It seems peaceful to me to ride in that buggy and not to be driving the MusBus to soccer games. And yes, I could not turn the channel from TLC program, Breaking Amish. So I am sharing with you my fascination with the Amish.

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There was an interesting piece on NPR this morning about power tools for the Amish. The Amish have traditionally been farmers, but land has become prohibitively expensive to purchase, so many are turning to woodworking to earn a living. Since their homes are not wired with electricity, their table saws, drills and sanders are retrofitted with gas engines and compressed air tanks. The story is reported from an Amish trade show in Ohio, and it’s worth a listen just to hear a vendor rattling off diesel engine specs in Pennsylvania Dutch.

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